Welcome Abdulaziz and Leenh!

Welcome Abdulaziz Alkibsi and Leenh BaHammam from Alfaisal University College of Medicine

Alfaisal University College of Medicine is a private, non-profitable, student-centered and research based institute. The Summer Program for Internation Research Internship and Training (SPIRIT) is in partnership with King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center, a tertiary care hospital that is highly respected worldwide. Alfaisal University also have an advisory and collaboration relationship wtih Partners Harvard Medical International. The institute supports high quality undergraduate research activities.

In SPIRIT, the institute promote Alfaisal's undergraduate medical students to participate in research activities during the summer in international institutes. KAUST, among many reputable institutions in United States, including John Hopkins Medical Center, Harvard University, Yale University, the University of Mississippi Medical Center, Vanderbilt University Medical Center and Brown University, is honoured to be part of SPIRIT.

The Laboratory for Nanomedicine, KAUST, will be hosting two students for period of six to eight weeks. The lab will assist them in gaining valuable learning experience in research on self-assembling peptides as a model for studying the mechanism of amyloidogenesis. The amyloid formation is a characteristic process in many fatal diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson and type II diabetes, and therefore, its understanding is necessary for developing therapeutic drugs that could inhibit and control the pathogenesis of these diseases.‚Äč

Let us together, give our Alfaisal University's Visiting Students, Abdulaziz Khalid Alkibsi and Leenh Omar BaHammam, a warm welcome.