Abdulaziz K. Alkibsi

Visiting Students
Al Faisal University College of Medicine​

Research Interests

Being a medical student, I believe there is always a limit to what I can understand about how things work in the body and what they really are. I always had this interest about how cells and proteins work on a molecular level and I would certainly like to know more. One thing I would never imagine myself doing is wasting any chance I am given to fulfill my dreams and interests. With only this drive, I was accepted to join KAUST as a Visiting Student in the Nanomedicine Lab. After a week, I knew I just took a tiny step on a never ending world of mystery and knowledge. With such mystery, my interest in molecular biology grew beyond imagination. I would like to thank Professor Charlotte and her amazing team for accepting me with open arms and teaching me about everything in their lab.


  • 2015-present​: AlFaisal University College of Medicine, Riyadh