Wafaa Arab

PhD Students

Research Interests

Wafaa's practical experiences are biochemistry analysis test, spectrophotometer, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), tissue culture and some knowledge on High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) instrument. Her dream job would be to work as a medicinal chemist to discover new methodologies to synthesize new potential drug therapies for treatment of these diseases. Wafaa also wants to bring together those in the global community to motivate them to devote their time and effort to help save our brothers and sisters who are suffering from this illnesses.

Selected Publications

Calcium Homeostasis and bone turnover in Tamoxifen and Chemotherapy treated postmenopausal women with breast cancer
A.F.H. Noureldeen, H.M. Gashlan and W.T. Arab

Life science journal, 11 (5), (2014)


  • ​​M.Sc., ​Biochemistry, King Abdul Aziz University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 2012
  • B.Sc., Biochemistry, King Abdul Aziz University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 2006 ​​