Welcome Hamza!

Welcome Hamza Khattak from Khyber College of Dentistry

‚ÄčHamza Khattak is a second year undergraduate student of Khyber College of Dentistry, Peshawar, Pakistan. 
In 2013, Hamza represented Pakistan at Asian Science Camp, organized by the Nobel Laureates. Hamza was awarded for his poster presentation on Antibiotic Resistance and Nanotechnology applications, based on the lecture of the Nobel Laureate, Ada Younath.
Hamza has great interest in Nanomedicine and regenerative therapies, and their application in maxillo-facial surgery. 

During Hamza's stay in KAUST, he submitted an article "Microgel Particles from Ultrashort Self-Assembling Peptides from Dental Stem Cell Delivery" to Organon, The Scientist Magazine, under the guidance of Prof. Charlotte Hauser and Dr. Sakander Rauf.

Well done Hamza.