Abdullah M. Niyas

Visiting Students
Al Faisal University College of Medicine


​While I do not consider myself a complete extrovert to biochemistry, my knowledge prior to my arrival to KAUST was only limited to medical applications at college level. However, this was not a problem at all, because the amazing members of the Nanomedicine Lab, under the supervision of Professor Charlotte Hauser, were kind enough to welcome me and give me a good introduction to the general biochemistry within our lab. 
In no time, I was able to perform basic to intermediate experiments by myself and really enjoyed them. I am so grateful to Professor Charlotte for giving me the opportunity at this wonderful world class institution and I am sure that this will give my medical career the research exposure that it definitely needed.​ 


  • ​2015-Present: Al Faisal University, College of Medicine, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia​​