Rui Ge, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellows

Research Interests

​Dr. Rui is interested in the synthesis of peptides and broadening their application in biomedical applications.

Selected Publications

Magnetic delivery of Fe3O4@polydopamine nanoparticle-loaded natural killer cells suggest a promising anticancer treatment
L. Wu, F. Zhang, Z. Wei, X. Li, H. Zhao, H. Lv, R. Ge, H. Ma, H. Zhang, B. Yang, J. Li, J. Jiang
Biomaterials Science, DOI: 10.1039/c8bm00588e.

Colloidal synthesis of ultrathin monoclinic BiVO4 nanosheets for Z-scheme overall water splitting under visible light
C. Dong, S. Lu, S. Yao, R. Ge, Z. Wang, Z. Wang, P. An, Y. Liu, B. Yang, H. Zhang
ACS Catalysis, 8, 8649–8658, 2018

Photothermal-activatable Fe3O4 superparticles nano-drug carriers with PD-L1 immune checkpoint blockade for anti-metastatic cancer immunotherapy
R. Ge, C. Liu, X. Zhang, W. Wang, B. Li, J. Liu, Y. Liu, H. Sun, D. Zhang, Y. Hou, H. Zhang, B. Yang
 ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 10, 20342–20355, 2018

Seed-mediated phase-selected growth of Cu2GeS3 hollow nanoparticles with huge cavities
C. Dong, R. Ge, D. Yao, Z. Wu, Z. Wang, Y. Liu, B. Yang, H. Zhang
CrystEngComm, 19, 6736–6743, 2017

Design and synthesis of dodecahedral carbon nanocages incorporated with Fe3O4
S. Xiang, Y. Shi, K. Zhang, Y. Chen, R. Ge, C. Wu, H. Sun, B. Yang
RSC Advances, 7, 13257–13262, 2017

EGFR-targeted delivery of DOX-loaded Fe3O4@ polydopamine multifunctional nanocomposites for MRI and antitumor chemo-photothermal therapy
X. Mu, F. Zhang, C. Kong, H. Zhang, W. Zhang, R. Ge, Y. Liu, J. Jiang
International Journal of Nanomedicine, 12, 2899–2911, 2017

Cu(II)-doped polydopamine-coated gold nanorods for tumor theranostics
S. Liu, L. Wang, M. Lin, D. Wang, Z. Song, S. Li, R. Ge, X. Zhang, Y. Liu, Z. Li, H. Sun, B. Yang, H. Zhang
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 9, 44293–44306, 2017

Cu2+-loaded polydopamine nanoparticles for magnetic resonance imaging-guided pH- and near-infrared-light-stimulated thermochemotherapy
R. Ge, M. Lin, X. Li, S. Liu, W. Wang, S. Li, X. Zhang, Y. Liu, L. Liu, H. Sun, H. Zhang, B. Yang
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 9, 19706–19716, 2017

Fe3O4@polydopamine composite theranostic superparticles employing preassembled Fe3O4 nanoparticles as the core
R. Ge, X. Li, M. Lin, D. Wang, S. Li, S. Liu, Q. Tang, Y. Liu, J. Jiang, L. Liu, H. Sun, H. Zhang, B. Yang
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 8, 22942–22952, 2016

Cu (II) doped polyaniline nanoshuttles for multimodal tumor diagnosis and therapy
M. Lin, D. Wang, S. Li, Q. Tang, S. Liu, R. Ge, Y. Liu, D. Zhang, H. Sun, H. Zhang, B. Yang
Biomaterials, 104, 213–222, 2016


  • Ph.D., Polymer Chemistry and Physics, Jilin University, Jilin, China, 2018
  • B.Sc., Chemistry, Jilin University, Jilin, China, 2013


  • Graduate first-class academic Scholarships of Jilin University, China
  • Doctoral academic forum first-class scholarship of Jilin University, China
  • Academic performance scholarship of Jilin University, China
  • Outstanding students of Jilin University, China