Manzar Abbas, PhD

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Research Interests

​Dr. Manzar Abbas’s research focusses on the synthesis of functional short peptides, supramolecular chemistry, light based cancer treatment like photodynamic and photo-thermal therapy. His research is interdisciplinary as best combination of Chemistry, Nanotechnology, Nanomedicine and Material Science, and potential application in stimuli responsive drug delivery and third generation -based nanomaterials for diagnostic and phototherapies.

Selected Publications

  • Self-assembled peptide-based hydrogels for intratumoral delivery of photosensitizers and photodynamic therapy
    M. Abbas, R. Xing, N. Zhang, Q. Zou, X. Yan
    ACS Applied materials and interfaces (In Press)

  • Self-assembly of biomimetic light-harvesting complexes capable of hydrogen evolution
    K. Liu, M. Abbas, Q. Zou, X. Yan
    Green Energy & Environment, 2, 58-63, 2017

  • ​Self-assembled peptide- and protein-based nanomaterials for antitumor photodynamic and photothermal therapy
    M. Abbas, Q. Zou, S. Li, and X. Yan
    Advanced Materials Wiley, 29, 1605021, 2017

  • Biological photothermal nanodots based on self-assembly of peptide-porphyrin conjugates for antitumor therapy
    Q. Zou, M. Abbas, L. Zhao, S. Li, G. Shen, and X. Yan
    Journal of American Chemical Society, 139, 1921−1927, 2017

  • Peptide-modulated self-assembly of chromophores toward biomimetic light-harvesting nanoarchitectonics
    Q. Zou, K. Liu, M. Abbas, and X. Yan
    Advanced Materials Wiley, 28, 1031–1043, 2016

  • One-step nanoengineering of hydrophobic photosensitive drugs for the photodynamic therapy
    C. Zhou, M. Abbas, M. Zhang, Q. Zou, G. Shen, Ch. Chen, H. Peng, and X. Yan
    Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 15, 10141–10148, 2015


  • ​Ph.D., Material Sciences/Applied Chemistry, Institute of Process Engineering, CAS, Beijing, China, 2017
  • M.Phil., Chemistry, Bauddin Zakaryia University, Multan, Punjab Pakistan 2013
  • M.Sc., Chemistry Bauddin Zakaryia University, Multan, Punjab Pakistan 201

Professional Profile

  • ​2017 - Present: Postdoctoral fellow, KAUST, Thuwal, Saudi Arabia

Scientific and Professional Membership

  • ​Member of CAS Chemical Society


  • ​UCAS Scholarship for PhD 2014-2017
  • CAS Excellent International Student Award 2016
  • CAS Excellent International Graduate Award 2017

Research Interests Keywords

Peptide self-assembly Supramolecular chemistry Drug delivery Photo-medicine

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