​Peptides as biological semiconductors

Authors: C.A.E. Hauser, S. Zhang
Quantum confinement Nanotubes

​Designer self-assembling peptide nanofiber biological materials

Authors: C.A.E. Hauser, S. Zhang
Surfactant-like peptides Complementary oligopeptide Beta-sheet Endothelial-cells Form nanotubes In-vitro scaffolds Hydrogel Differentiation Nanovesicles

​Study of bioengineered zebra fish olfactory receptor 131-2: receptor purification and secondary structure analysis

Authors: K.-J. Leck, S. Zhang, C.A.E. Hauser
HEK293S tetracyclineinducible system G protein coupled receptor Zebra fish receptor

​Molecular self-assembly and applications of designer peptide amphiphiles

Authors: X. Zhao, F. Pan, H. Xu, C.A.E. Hauser, S. Zhang, And J.R. Lu
Peptide fragments Biocompatible materials Nanomaterials Surface-active agents

Designer self-assembling peptide materials for diverse applications

Authors: C.A.E. Hauser, S. Zhang, Lipid-like peptides, Molecular self-assembly, Stabilizing membrane proteins, Tissue regeneration
3D cell cultures Ionic self-complementary peptides Lipid-like peptides Molecular self-assembly Stabilizing membrane proteins Tissue regeneration

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