A personal, reference quality, fully annotated genome from a Saudi individual

article Year:2022 DOI:10.1101/2022.11.05.515129
Authors: M. Kulmanov, R. Tawfiq, H. A. Ali, M. Abdelhakim, M. Alarawi, H. Aldakhil, D. Alhattab, E. A. Alsolme, A. Althagafi, A. Angelov, S. Bougouffa, P. Driguez, Y. Liu, C. Park, A. Putra, A. M. Reyes-Ramos, C.A.E. Hauser, M. S. Cheung, M. S. Abedalthagafi, R. Hoehndorf

Journal Name: bioRxiv

fully annotated genome de novo assembly FAIR data principles

Fabrication of lumen-forming colorectal cancer organoids using a newly designed laminin-derived bioink

article Year:2022 DOI:10.18063/ijb.v9i1.633
Authors: R. Perez-Pedroza, F. Al-Jalih, J. Xu, M. Moretti, G.R. Briola, C.A.E. Hauser
Biofunctional bioink Self-assembling peptide Laminin

The Influence of Prenatal Exposure to Quetiapine Fumarate on the Development of Dopaminergic Neurons in the Ventral Midbrain of Mouse Embryos

article Year:2022 DOI:10.3390/ijms232012352
Authors: W. F. Alsanie, S. Abdelrahman, M. Alhomrani, A. Gaber, E. A. Alosimi, H. Habeeballah, H. A. Alkhatabi, R. I. Felimban, C.A.E. Hauser, H. H. Tayeb, A. S. Alamri, A. Alamri, B. M. Raafat, K. A. Alswat, Y. S. Althobaiti, Y. A. Asiri

Journal Name: International Journal of Molecular Sciences

Dopaminergic neurons fetal neurodevelopment quetiapine fumarate

Advanced software development of 2D and 3D model visualization for TwinPrint, a dual-arm 3D bioprinting system for multi-material printing

article Year:2022 DOI:10.18063/msam.v1i3.19
Authors: S. A. Zaid, N. S. Hammad, H. A. Albalawi, Z. Khan, E. Othman, C.A.E. Hauser
Journal Name: Materials Science in Additive Manufacturing
Geometric code preview 3D preview Geometric code simulator

Prenatal Exposure to Gabapentin Alters the Development of Ventral Midbrain Dopaminergic Neurons

article Year:2022 DOI:10.3389/fphar.2022.923113
Authors: W. A. Alsanie, S. Abdelrahman, M. Alhomrani, A. Gaber, H. Habeeballah, H. A. Alkhatabi, R. I. Felimban, C.A.E. Hauser, H. H. Tayeb, A. S. Alamri, B. M. Raafat, S. Anwar, K. A. Alswat, Y. S. Althobaiti, Y. A. Asiri

Journal Name: Frontiers in Pharmacology

Dopaminergic neurons gabapentin morphogenesis

A Parkinson’s disease model composed of 3D bioprinted dopaminergic neurons within a biomimetic peptide scaffold

article Year:2022 DOI:10.1088/1758-5090/ac7eec
Authors: S. Abdelrahman, W. A. Alsanie, Z. Khan, H. A. Albalawi, R. I. Felimban, M. Moretti, N. Steiner, A. G. Chaudhary, C.A.E. Hauser

Journal Name: Biofabrication

3D robotic bioprinting Parkinson’s disease ultrashort self-assembling peptides

Peptide nanogels as a scaffold for fabricating dermal grafts and 3D vascularized skin models

article Year:2022 DOI:10.1177/20417314221111868
Authors: W.T. Arab, H.H. Susapto, D. Alhattab, C.A.E. Hauser

Journal Name: Journal of Tissue Engineering

Ultrashort peptides Self-assembly Wound healing

Xeno-free self-assembling peptide scaffolds for building 3D organotypic skin cultures

article Year:2022 DOI:10.1096/fba.2022-00026
Authors: Y. Loo, A.C.A. Wan, C.A.E. Hauser, E.B. Lane, P. Benny

Journal Name: FASEB BioAdvances

Bioprinting Self-assembling peptides organotypic cultures

Air-loaded Gas Vesicle Nanoparticles Promote Cell Growth in Three-dimensional Bioprinted Tissue Constructs

article Year:2022 DOI:10.18063/ijb.v8i3.489
Authors: S. Alshehri, R. Karan, S. Ghalayini,, K. Kahin, Z. Khan, D. Renn, S. Mathew, M. Rueping, Charlotte A. E. Hauser

Journal Name: International Journal of Bioprinting

3D bioprinting Tissue engineering Halobacterium

The effects of prenatal exposure to pregabalin on the development of ventral midbrain dopaminergic neurons

article Year:2022 DOI:10.3390/cells11050852
Authors: M.A. Majid, S. Abdelrahman, M. Alhomrani, W. F. Alsanie, A. Gaber, H. Habeeballah, H. A. Alkhatabi, R. I. Felimban, A. G. Chaudhary, A. S. Alamri, B. M. Raafat, A. Alamri, S. Anwar, K. A. Alswat, Y. S. Althobaiti, Y. A. Asiri

Journal Name: Cells

embryonic neurons neuropathic pain pregabalin

Microbial Biocontainment Systems for Clinical, Agricultural, and Industrial Applications

article Year:2022 DOI:10.3389/fbioe.2022.830200
Authors: A.U. Valle-Perez, Charlotte A. E. Hauser, A. P. Angles, M. M. Mahfouz

Journal Name: Frontiers In Bioengineering and Biotechnology

Microbial Biocontainment Systems Bioremediation Sensing modules

Synthesis and Organization of Gold-Peptide Nanoparticles for Catalytic Activities

article Year:2022 DOI:10.1021/acsomega.1c05546
Authors: Hepi Hari Susapto, Charlotte A. E. Hauser, M. Abbas
Journal Name: ACS omega
Gold-Peptide Nanoparticles Metal-peptide composites Catalytic Activities

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