​Novel ultrashort self-assembling peptide bioinks for 3d culture of muscle myoblast cells

Authors: W. Arab, S. Rauf, O. Al-Harbi, C. Hauser
Biomaterials Bioinks 3D cell culture 3D Scaffold Tissue engineering Skeletal muscle cells

Evaluation of peptide nanogels for accelerated wound healing in normal micropigs

Year:2018 ISSN:2397-6527
Authors: W.T. Arab, A.M. Niyas, K. Seferji, H.H. Susapto, And C.A.E. Hauser
Ultrashort peptides Self-assembly Nanogels Chronic wounds Dressing Wound healing

C-Terminal residue of ultrashort peptides impacts on molecular self-assembly, hydrogelation, and interaction with small-molecule drugs

Authors: K.H. Chan, W.H. Lee, M. Ni, Y. Loo, C.A.E. Hauser
Ultrashort peptides Molecular self-assembly Hydrogelation Small-molecule drugs

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