​Transparent crosslinked ultrashort peptide hydrogels as a carrier dressing with high shape fidelity to accelerate healing of full-thickness excision wounds

Authors: W.Y. Seow, G. Salgado, E.B. Lane, And C.A.E. Hauser
Peptide hydrogels High shape fidelity Excision wounds Human body

​Freeze-dried agarose gels: A cheap, simpe and recyclable adsorbent for the purification of methylene blue from industrial wastewater

Authors: W.Y. Seow, And C.A.E. Hauser
Adsorption Agarose hydrogel Freeze dry Methylene blue Textile and industrial wastewater Water purification

​Roadmap on biosensing and photonics for nanomedicine

Authors: E. Di Fabrizio, S. Schlücker, J. Wenger, R. Regmi, H. Rigneault, G. Calafiore, M. West, S. Cabrini, M. Fleischer, N. Van Hulst, M.F. Garcia-Parajo, A. Pucci, D. Cojoc, C.A.E. Hauser, And M. Ni
Biophotonics Biosensing Nanomedicine Nanophotonics Plasmonics

​Bioprinting synthetic self-assembling peptide hydrogels for biomedical applications

Authors: Y. Loo, And C.A.E. Hauser
Biomaterial Hydrogel Nanofiber Peptide

​Probing droplets with biological colloidal suspensions on smart surfaces by synchrotron radiation micro- and nano-beams

Authors: G. Marinaro, A. Accardo, N. Benseny-Cases, M. Burghammer, H. Castillo-Michel, M. Cotte, S. Dante, F. De Angelis, E. Di Cola, E. Di Fabrizio, C. Hauser, And C. Riekel
Biological colloids Digital microfluidics Micro-/nano X-ray diffraction MicroFTIR Synchrotron radition

​3D bioprinting technology for regenerative medicine applications

Authors: D. Sundaramurthi, S. Rauf, And C.A.E. Hauser
Bioprinting Bioinks Cells Hydrogels scaffolds Organ transplantation

Tumor-derived circulating endothelial cell clusters in colorectal cancer

Authors: I. Cima, S.L. Kong, C.A.E. Hauser, R.M. Van Dam, W.-Y. Lim, S. Prabhakar, B. Lim, P.K. Koh, P. Robson, J.Y. Ying, A.M. Hillmer, And M.-H. Tan
Cancer Early detection Colorectal cancer Liquid biopsy Circulating tumor cells Translational medicine

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